About Bunderful Books and FAQs
Bunderful Books was started by author Bettye Griffin in 2009.  In an unrelated action, a year later she found herself without a publisher, and at that time she decided to use the imprint already in place to  publish her stories...because no one can stop a true writer from writing...and because good writing never goes out of fashion...

Q:  Why did you start Bunderful Books?

A:  I had dreamed of writing the story that eventually became Save The Best For Last. Unfortunately, the story didn't meet the editorial requirements in place at most publishers today (in other words, the hero had no money, his only sibling was married, so there was no family series looming, and the story didn't have a ton of sex in it). I felt this story deserved to be told. I then realized that starting Bunderful Books would give me an outlet to re-publish my out-of-print backlist, as well as for any good work that doesn't fit guidelines of traditional publishers.  

Q:  Why the name Bunderful Books?

A:  The "B" came from my first initial (which is also my husband's initial). I was going to follow it with my married name, but then decided that "Bunderful" sounded better than "Bunderwood."


Q:  Why aren't your traditionally published titles available from Bunderful Books?

A:  I now own the rights to all my Arabesque romances, and I plan to release them in eBook format, updating as necessary.  This will be a slow process because I am simultaneously writing new storylines.  As for my mainstream novels published by Dafina, I don't have the rights to those.  Those titles are available in brick-and-mortar stores, as well as at online retailers and in eBook format.


Q:  Are you releasing only eBooks now, no more print?

A:  My eBook sales are much, much higher than my print sales, so for the time being that is the format I'm using.  I might release a print copy of any women's fiction works I write (or maybe not; I'll decide when the time comes), but my plan is for my romances to be strictly eBook format from now on.  I hate to leave anyone out, and I know that everyone doesn't have an eReader, but you have to do what you have to do!  My only suggestion would be downloading any of the free applications that allow eBooks to be read on PCs and other devices.


Q:  Will you be publishing more books through Bunderful Books?

A:  I can honestly say it's highly doubtful I'll be publishing anywhere else!

Because good writing
is always in fashion